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Christmas is almost here, and so is our first world event! There will be plenty of rewards to go around for everyone, so be sure to check out the World Events Begin! thread for more information on how to participate and get your fingers in that pie! (Don't worry, it's a really big pie.)

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 Starlight Academy - A Freeform Gifted Persons RP

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PostSubject: Starlight Academy - A Freeform Gifted Persons RP   Fri Dec 23, 2016 1:07 pm


Quote :
Welcome to the Manta Carlos Islands, home to Starlight Academy. There are very few people in society who are even aware of the existence of the supernatural; the secret has been very carefully guarded. The Academy seeks out those who are gifted, alien, mystical, heavenly, and inexplicable. From elementary through college, students will receive the finest education, and learn to master what makes them unique.

You were chosen.

The island is more than just a school. Creatures, experiments, time travelers, immortals and more take haven in the city and countryside, safe from the outside world. To wander the streets and be free is worth the price of living in the bubble of isolation from the world.

Here, you can become anything: a doctor, a mage, a baker, an expert in arcane magics, a teacher -- your dreams can become a reality.

We look forward to seeing you.


Starlight Academy is a self hosted, freeform gifted persons role play that has been going strong since July 10, 2005. We allow students, teachers, and civilians of all types, and allow open species creation. We hold monthly events, and have a large active community featuring people from around the world. Roleplayers of all skill level, characters of all types, and plots of all sorts are warmly welcomed!
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Starlight Academy - A Freeform Gifted Persons RP
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